Codar CR70A Mk.2 - General Communications Receiver
  • Power: 240 volts - 50/60Hz
  • Wavebands: tuneable from 560KHz to 30MHz across 4 switched bands
    • 0.560 - 1.5MHz
    • 1.5 - 4.2MHz
    • 4.2 - 11.5MHz
    • 11.5 - 30.0MHz
  • Sensitivity: not known
  • Valve lineup: 4 total:
    • ECH81;
    • EF183;
    • (2x) ECC81;
    • plus OA81 diode and silicon power rectifiers
  • Released: c.1964
  • Original price: 19 10s 0d

This was probably, in the 1960's, a very good introductory set to the world of short wave and although it is quite sensitive on the lower ranges it has a rather coarse tuning adjustment.

Nevertheless, the build quality is good and the set gives good duty as a shop radio for listening to the VOA. It features an S-meter as well as an antenna trim control, IF gain, switchable BFO and a (supposedly) 2 stage bandscale drive.

Last updated 18th October 2001

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