Hallicrafters 5R10A General Communications Receiver
  • Power: 105 - 125VAC - 50/60Hz
  • Wavebands: tuneable from 540KHz to 31MHz across 4 switched bands
    • 0.550 - 1.65MHz
    • 1.7 - 5.1MHz
    • 5.0 - 14.5MHz
    • 13.0 - 31.0MHz
  • Sensitivity: not known
  • Valve lineup: 5 total
    • 12SA7(converter);
    • 12SK7(IF amplifier);
    • 12SQ7(detector/AVC
    • 50L6GT (audio output);
    • 35Z5GT (rectifier)
  • Released: 1951 - 1953
  • Original price: c.$40

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But What's This?

Let's apply the 'Duck Test' to this strange old bird from the Halligan stable shall we? It looks like an S38D (large tuning scale with chrome surround), it has the same tube line-up as the S38D, it has the same frequency coverage as the S38D...so it's a black scale S-38D variant, right?

Wrong! Although it is electrically identical to the S-38D, it predates that set by a few years and is closer in appearance to a truncated 8R40 with it's black scale and yellow/green pointers. This set appears to be an offshoot of the S38 family but why it has been badged in its own range is something of a mystery that Chuck Dachis doesn't shed any light on.

Last updated 1st December 2002