Hammarlund HQ-145X General Communications Receiver
  • Power: 105 - 125VAC - 50/60Hz
  • Wavebands: tuneable from 540KHz to 32MHz across 4 switched bands
    • 0.54 -1.6MHz
    • 1.6 - 4.0MHz
    • 4.0 -10.0MHz
    • 10.0 - 30.0MHz
  • Circuit: Double conversion superhet
  • Valve lineup : 11 total
    • 6BZ6 (RF Amp);
    • 6BE6 (x2 1st Mixer, Converter/455 kHz IF Amp);
    • 6BA6 (x2 IF Amp);
    • 6AL5 (Detector/NL);
    • 12AX7 (455 kHz BFO/Audio Amp);
    • 6AQ5 (AF Power Output);
    • 6C4 (HF Osc.);
    • 0B2 (Voltage Reg.);
    • 5U4GB (Rectifier).
  • Released: 1959 - 1963
  • Original price: c.$270

These superbly designed sets are from a company created by Oscar Hammarlund in 1910 that was in existence until the late 60's. A serious competitor to Hallicrafters for the semi-commercial and ham markets, Hammarlund produced very solid sets that, in appearance, were all of the same basic design variant. Although the aesthetic is rugged and the overall product lineup was limited, these sets command good prices used and are excellent performers.

There were minor variants of the HQ145 model - the 'X' denoted a fixed crystal position whilst HQ145E was a 240V variation and HQ145C had an electric clock (as in the lower picrure).

Last updated 2nd May 2004

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