Pye International Model 3042
  • Power: 100-250 volts - 50/60Hz AC/DC
  • Wavebands:
    • Long 1100m-1900m
    • Medium 200m-550m
    • SW1 70m-200m
    • SW2 32m-66m
    • 31m band 9.5-9.99MHz
    • 25m band 11.65-12.05MHz
    • 19m band 15.1-15.6MHz
    • 16m band 17.55-17.9MHz
    • 13m band 21.45-21.85MHz
  • Valve lineup:
    • UCH81;
    • UF89;
    • UBC81;
    • UL84;
    • plus a Westinghouse S10AR1 metal rectifier.
  • Released: c.1966

I have a strong suspicion that this set is simply another rebadged 'export' version of the Pye 1101. Service data does not seem to be available and a direct comparison of the circuit would be necessary to prove this one way or the other.

That said, this is a very handsome set. It features a removeable, hinged wooden front lid that has a chart pasted to the inside showing the locations, transmission times and frequencies of the world's most popular short-wave stations from the time.

The 'Pye' motif under the speaker grille is illuminated when the set is switched on - the on/off function being part of the 4-postion tone switch. It sounds well on all bands and is interesting, even if not unique.

Last updated 20h May 2003

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