The HM Forces 'Comfort Set' - Communications Receiver Type PCR
  • Power: separate power packs to run from 100 - 240V AC/DC mains or battery-fed vibrator supplies
  • Bandspread: 3 switched bands giving,
    • Long: 125 - 350KHz
    • Medium: 560 - 1420KHz
    • Short: 5.4MHz - 18MHz
  • Circuit: Single conversion superhet with 1 RF & 1 IF stage
  • Tubes: 6 total
    • EL32 (Audio output);
    • EBC33 (Detector);
    • EF39 (x2 - RF & IF Amplifiers);
    • ECH35 (Frequency Changer),
  • Date: From c.1940 onwards - reportedly in use until mid-1960's

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But What Is It...?

The 'Comfort Set' was built by several manufacturers during its lifetime and was used by the British military as a general coverage receiver for recreational use. Typically, such a set might have been found during WW2 in a NAAFI canteen, tuned to The Allied Forces Network and playing the latest Glen Miller swing. It does not have station names marked but there are markers to show where BBC stations may be found.

Most internet based sources will tell you that there were three versions of the 'Comfort' set and all were produced by Pye Radio. Believe it or not, this one is made by Phillips Lamps, England. Typically, in wartime, a piece of equipment may be designed by one company but produced by many. This may account for the common belief of the 'Pye PCR' and its reported 3 variants, PCR-2 and PCR-3. It is also known that Ever Ready Radio also had a contract to build these sets although production numbers are unknown.

Last updated 4th November 2002