Collins R-392/URR Mobile Communications Receiver
  • Power: 24 - 28 V DC at 3A
  • Frequency Range: continuously tuneable from 500 kc/s to 32 Mc/s by means of separate 'Megacycles' and 'Kilocycles' controls.
  • Tubes: 25 total:
    • 26A6 (x11);
    • 26A7 (x1);
    • 26C6 (x2);
    • 26D6 (x1)
    • 12AU7 (x5)
    • 6AJ5 (x5)


  • Sensitivity: 5 - 9 uV modulated; 2 - 3 uV CW.
  • Circuit: triple conversion superhet to 8MHz then double conversion to 32MHz.
    • 2 RF stage & 6 IF stages.
    • 3 selectable bandwidths, AGC, BFO, Crystal calibrator

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But What Is It...?

Firstly, a site that covers this excellent set in far more detail (including schematics) may be found at:

This is the receiver component of another vintage Collins radio system and is usually paired with the T-195 HF transmitter to form GRC-19. It is often said to be a 'little brother' to the venerable R-390 - in the sense that is is ruggedised and simpler but performs just as well. It weighs in at a hefty 55lbs in its water-resistant case and has no power supply of its own - relying on the vehicle it was installed in. It was developed in the late 1940's and fully battle-tried in Korea although stayed in production via Collins licensees (such as Philco, Stewart-Warner and Western Electric) until the mid 1960's.

If the Collins R-390 & R-390A are the ne plus ultra of American boatanchors (in the same way that the Racal RA17L is considered in Britain) then the little brother set comes a close second in the race. It does not have all the features of the R-390 but matches its performance.

Last updated 1st May 2003