Trio 9R-59D General Communications Recever
  • Power: AC mains 100-120 or 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Wavebands: Continuously tuneable from 550KHz to 30Mhz across 4 switched bands.
    • 550 - 1.60KHz
    • 1.60 - 4.8MHz
    • 4.8 - 14.5MHz
    • 10.5- 30.0MHz
  • Sensitivity: typically >6dB@ 10dB S/N
  • Tube Lineup: 6 total
    • 6BA6 (x2 - RF & IF Amplifiers)
    • 6BE6 (Mixer)
    • 6AQ8 (x2 - Oscillator, BFO/AF Amplifier)
    • 6AQ5 (Audio power)
    • plus diodes for rectification, detection, AVC and ANL
  • Released: c.1966
  • Original Price: c.$350

This set features bandspread on the Ham bands as well as ANL, AVC, antenna trim and BFO. A VR-150 voltage regulator tube may also be plugged in.

Why 'Trio'? Apparently, this set was meant for the European market, where the brand name 'Kenwood' was already in use for a line of kitchen appliances!


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Another coveted set makes its way in to my collection via a song on Ebay - good old Ebay...say what you like but I am a big fan of armchair shopping.

The Trio is certainly not a fantastic performer compared to todays models but it was certainly excellent value for money in its time and offered good, stable performance.

Last updated 26th May 2003