Last updated 18th April 2005

Testing! Testing!

These are working items of test equipment of suitable vintage for fixing a 'wireless' or a 'boatanchor' - they are all in use by me at some time.

Tektronix RM31A Scopex 4D Hewlett Packard 1741A  
RF Signal Generators      
Coming Soon! Marconi TF995A2M Coming Soon! Advance P1
Heathkit RF-U1 AVO Model 2    

Coming Soon! Taylor 65A

Coming Soon! TG (Acton) CG6

Ex-military CT-212 Signal Generator

Ex-military CT-345 Signal Generator

AF Oscillators      

Coming Soon! Advance SG66

Coming Soon! Marconi TF1101


  Advance Instruments J2E

Meters (VTVM)      
Coming Soon! Marconi TF899
  Marconi TF2600 Sensitive Valve Voltmeter Marconi TF2604 Electronic Voltmeter Marconi TF2606 Differential Voltmeter

  Coming Soon! Advance J77B

  Coming Soon! Advance J80

Coming Soon! Taylor 172A


Heathkit IM-13 VTVM

Frequency Counters      


Coming Soon! Advance TC1000

Racal SA-535

Advance Model TC9A

Yaesu-Musen Model 3030


Coming Soon! Avometer Model 8

Samson Tube Tester

Marconi TF868 Universal Bridge

  Avometer Model 7


Coming Soon! Heath T4 Signal Tracer

Coming Soon! Heath CT-1 Capacitor Tester


I have lots more test gear - it seems to have accumulated whilst my back was turned (honest!). Other bits and pieces on hand include:
  • Meters
    • Farnell TM2 solid state 'VVM'
    • Racal-Dana solid state true-RMS voltmeter
    • three battery driven RMS micro-voltmeters by Levell Instruments
  • Oscilloscopes
    • two small 20MHz solid-state scopes with 3" screens;
    • two 5MHz scopes with 3" screens (solid-state)
    • a small 300KHz Japanese valve oscilloscope
  • Frequency Counters
    • Thandar Frequency Counter (handheld, battery operated works to 200MHz)
  • Power Supplies
    • a Marconi TF1303 transistorised PSU 0-30V, regulated DC, 2A
    • a Farnell twin output PSU, 0-30C, 5A(partially working)
    • Solartron PSU heavy, regulated 0.1 - 29.9VDC, 5A (ex-MOD)
    • two 'homebrew' solid-state PSUs 0-30V, regulated DC, 5A & 1A
    • two 'homebrew' high-voltage PSUs, 0-350V DC, unregulated
  • Miscellaneous
    • a Thandar Function Generator - multiple waveforms to 5MHz
    • An vintage Avo Bridge Tester
    • Three variacs (2A, 4A and 10A)
    • a homebrew AM tube transmitter, tuneable 550m to 1600m and has a range of about 12' - just enough for live testing radios with easily identified programme material.
    • an ex-military CT-429 variable attenuator (by Marconi)

From whence did it cometh? I know not. The fact is, there is often opportunity to buy lots of really neat military test gear - problem is, most of the stuff in the last 20 years is custom to a particular piece of kit. Of the 1950's - 1970's vintage, much high-grade gear is available and sometimes I buy from Ebay rather than let it go to waste. This is how I have ended up with: 9 oscilloscopes; 14 signal generators; 17 test meters; 5 frequency counters; lots of other bits, spares, pieces, junk etc.